DJ with Saxophonist Saxojoe

With clear, cool, but also jazzy sounds, the saxophone is the perfect instrument in combination with a DJ. It is not for nothing that this act is very successful and is widely booked at parties, weddings and festivals. My experience, enthusiasm and versatility ensure that I can play with different musical styles such as lounge, jazz, soul or funk, dance, (Ibiza) house, latin or famous hits.

Benefits of a DJ with Saxophonist

The advantage of this concept is, compared to for example a tire, that this can be used much more flexible at a party or event. A band has a repertoire and a DJ is his music library. Mixing the music creates a set that can be adjusted to the wishes of the client or customer. So if you only want to hear music from the 70s and 80s, a DJ can easily adjust his set.

But also during the evening, a DJ can adapt his set to the dancing audience. A top DJ feels and reads the audience during the party and adjusts the music continuously. Which genres and songs are popular with the majority of the audience.

This creates a party evening and there is the climax at the end where everybody is partying on the dance floor. The combination with a saxophonist reinforces the above story. And there is extra a live element on stage together with the DJ.

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