About Saxophonist Saxojoe

Over fifteen years ago, I graduated from the Conservatory in Holland, where I not only played the Saxophone for five years but also built a large network of DJ’s and musicians who already were organizing parties. I quickly joined this pigeonhole and became the side-act for many DJ’s, which boosted my career enormously.

Since then Saxojoe has played at many parties, and although some people can be quite estranged when I pass through the crowd, playing the saxophone, but sooner than later everyone enjoys it to the fullest. Entertaining people and delivering them a great night has always been and still is one of my biggest reasons to continue making music.

My name is Saxojoe

Saxojoe is my pseudonym, once devised by DJ Cuzco with whom I played a lot in my early days. Since then, Saxojoe has grown into a well-known artist with a versatile musical repertoire. I had played both outside of, and within the Netherlands alongside various famous DJ’s like Don Diablo, Benny Rodrigues, Gregor Salto, Erick E, Roog, Brian S, Dennis van der Geest and La Fuente.

When I created the concept of the DJ saxophone combo, I struck gold. Nowadays, many saxophonists are playing alongside DJ’s, though every artist has his or her own style. My personal style is no different:

✓ Versatile:
I am familiar with every music style and able to carefully mix styles in order to create a versatile show.

In the past few years, I have built a large repertoire, gaining experience and knowledge.

The secret to my success has always been my professionality. I have always respected my customers the same way they respect me.

My enthusiasm probably is my biggest strength. I will always try my very best to entertain the crowd, and if possible, myself as well.

In my personal life, I like to invest my energy in running marathons. On stage, every last bit of this energy is put into making music.

For a great party!


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